Using jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 to create a usable frontend

Over the past two weeks much progress has taken place to the Frontend implementation to Olympus.  It was decided that the Web UI should be built with the future in mind.  Therefore, the project makes heavy use of modern web technologies – namely CSS3, HTML5 and the jQuery Javascript library.  CSS3 has been used generously in the details and styling of the Web UI.  HTML5 has not had as much emphasis, however the decision to use it has opened doors to increase the functionality of the project.  The open source jQuery library will be playing a major role in the project.  Aside from simplifying common tasks (ajax calls), the library allows for rapid development of functional UI.  It is the driving force behind the plugin ‘windows’ that appear within the interface as well as other details.  Thanks to the use of a modern web technology stack some possible future features for the Olympus Web UI include drag-and-drop functionality, hotkey/shortcut integration, offline-storage and the inclusion of geolocation into plugins.  Check back soon for progress.


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