UI Update No. 1

Finally, after quite a bit of time working on HTML, (and with the completion of my Strengths of Materials exams) I’m back on task with Olympus. I’ve made a few minor changes to the web interface, including the addition of the Olympus symbol and a few deletions/modifications to the user options. I’m having a little trouble pushing to github after reimaging, but I’ll have my new code up tomorrow, and with vacation coming on and nothing else to do, I expect to be churning out UI changes over the next few weeks!


HTML Learning website!


I found this┬ásite (which provides tutorials for HTML on all skill levels. It’s really helping me, and anyone who wants to learn should check it out as well.


I’ve begun to work on the front end of Olympus this week by delving into the world of HTML. This isn’t my first experience with webpages and HTML, but it will be the first time I’ve gone this far down the rabbit hole. Plugin development is on hold until I get some help with some of the more complex python-windows interactions, most of which seem to be best done using various downloaded modules to allow for communication. Until I get some help from some higher level programmers, I’m going to be adding functionality to the UI on the front end of Olympus.

Continued Python Digestion, Week 3

I successfully fixed my previous python problem! I’ve also made significant progress on my HDD space program, and on a new plugin to measure processor capacity and draw. I’m going to be enlisting the help of a fellow RCOS member or two to help me write this one, but progress is getting faster! Soon I’m going to move on to working on the Olympus front end as well as plugins.

Progress is slow thanks to python’s constrictions

I’m having trouble interfacing python with my windows computer. It can’t seem to load the functions in the win32com module, which appears to be necessary to interact with windows in any reasonable fashion (it says no such module exists, but the module is listed in the standard set for python 2.7.1). If any python experts out there can help me out with this I would be much obliged. It’s really holding me up right now.